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You know, the 2016 version of myself would be laughing so very hard at me right now - The thought of Blogging, Instagram and all that other social media stuff just seemed so hipster, right? Now here I am writing my first blog, so there you go maybe those dang hipsters are on to something!?

The pressure of what to write for my first blog is a bit overwhelming. For a person who always has so much to say, I am stumped! I am sure those who know me would laugh if they heard that I of all people am having a hard time finding something to talk about....So how about this: my first blog will be an introduction on how I plan to run this blog- probably a safe bet~

My intentions with this portion of my website, besides having you all fall deeply in love with me and contact me right away about becoming your Kitchen and or Bath Design Consultant is to share some background information on the Kitchen and Bath industry in an effort to help educate potential consumers who may be unaware of what Kitchen and Bath planning and a renovation can entail. I will talk a lot about specific trade roles in the industry, working with cabinetry companies VS independent entities, ETC.! I will blog about expectations and planning a client should expect on their part to prepare for a successful renovation. I aspire to blog about food, cooking methods, organizational tips on proficiently functioning in your kitchens to help you enjoy the art of preparing your 'Mise en place' for the night's feast!

So, in short, my blog will be dedicated to saving the world one week at a time! Stay posted, be kind to each other and consume wisely!


Lindsay G.

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